Bryce Harper Wants to Hit Back-to-Back With Bryant

Earlier this season, Peter Gammons reported Bryce Harper wanted to play for the Chicago Cubs. It seems Bryce confirmed that rumor with a recent Instagram pic.

Just two Vegas boys living out our dream with the ones we love! This is what it's all about..What a time to be alive🙌🏻#MLB #702 #Back2BackOneDay

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Check out that hashtag bro! #BacktoBackOneDay! While some suggest this might refer to Bryant going to Washington, it’s more likely Bryce would join the Cubs as he will be a free agent after the 2018 season. This might be near impossible to do, the money just doesn’t seem to be there, but it would be incredible. To have the last two National League MVP’s on your roster, along with Anthony Rizzo who is a MVP caliber player, it would be game over for the rest of baseball.

Would you like to see Bryce in a Cubs uniform? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 comments on “Bryce Harper Wants to Hit Back-to-Back With Bryant

  1. Herb Gillispie

    Sure, but only after Theo gives him an attitude adjustment. You can’t be “me first” in a Cubs uniform.

    1. Jamie Baker Post author

      Bryce Harper is one of the most respected players by his teammates on the Nationals. Maybe check into him before assuming because he had a flashy interview one time five years ago.

  2. Robert Carter

    Hell yeah I would like to see Bryce Harper on the Cubs batting between Bryant and Rizzo. To bad it probably will never happen.

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