Javy Baez is Ridiculous

javier baez plans

There are several polarizing players on just about any good professional sports team. One such player is Javy Baez. You can ask 50 different Chicago Cubs fans their thoughts on Baez, and you'd get 50 different answers. They will range from talking about his defense to erratic swinging to dumb defensive plays. Some love him,…

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Cubs and Lester Dodge Bullet

When Chicago Cubs ace, Jon Lester left Thursday's game against the Cincinnati Reds, the worst case was assumed. Today we learned that the Cubs and Lester dodged a bullet. https://twitter.com/CarrieMuskat/status/898572048947003392 https://twitter.com/CarrieMuskat/status/898582200773476353 https://twitter.com/CarrieMuskat/status/898582675946131458 https://twitter.com/CarrieMuskat/status/898584238622072832 This is great news, especially since the time table for lat injuries are all over the place. If it is just fatigue,…

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