Cubs, Apparently, Sign a Lefty Reliever, Maybe…?

So according to Kyle Ryan‘s Twitter bio, he is a new left-handed reliever for the Chicago Cubs. So who is Kyle Ryan? How does this help? Why do I keep reading his name as Kylo Ren? How do we know this has happened?

Well, that explains how we found out. But doesn’t explain who he is, how he helps, or my infatuation¬†with reading his name as Kylo Ren.

So Ryan is a lefty reliever which threw for the Detroit Tigers his entire career. While he was rather ineffective last season, he had been a pretty good reliever in his previous three seasons. In fact, he was so ineffective that the Tigers, who are looking to go younger, elected to let him walk instead of offering arbitration.

He isn’t the lefty that you throw out there to get a tough left-handed batter out. If you dive into his career numbers, lefties hit .279 against Ryan.

Basically, I would be very surprised if the Cubs invested very much in Ryan. He is a very low risk, perhaps lower reward type. If the Cubs could get even a little bit of his 2016 production it would pay off. But he isn’t going to be the savior of the bullpen by any means.

Oh, and that last question… I’ve watched ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ three times now and have watched 1,000 theory/review videos, and have scoured the internet to¬†defend the film (don’t at me). I might have a problem…

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