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Cubs Spring Training Tickets Went on Sale Today and Cubs Fans Are Mad

The Chicago Cubs launched their MasterCard Presale on Spring Training tickets. This is typically a glorious time of year for fans. The promise of spring is what starts melting away the ice that has started to form around us. But this year fans are becoming colder after the tickets were released. Here’s why.

The Cubs posted this on Facebook (and Twitter, and Instagram) today.

This news should make Cubs fans excited about, especially those that live out West. But they aren’t happy, and it all revolves around the ticket prices.

It appears that the pre-sale isn’t exactly a “sale” at all. There is a 15% surcharge on the tickets purchased on the site so even those overpriced $40 lawn tickets come out to $46.

Here is the thing, the Cubs are running a business. Sure it is a business which advertises to millions, from all sorts of economic backgrounds. The business they run invokes a deep-rooted emotional bond to their product. That bond can often cause someone to believe that the Cubs owe the fan something. Often times it comes out as the team owes the fan reasonable prices, the ability for the average fan to bring their family and not take out a loan. The Cubs are a huge draw, whether it is in Chicago or in Arizona.

I sympathise with the fans, but the team is free to charge whatever price they see fit. But my thoughts or feelings don’t change some fans thoughts on the team and their ticket prices.

So what do you think Cubs fans? Are the prices too outrageous? Or is the team free to charge whatever they see fit?

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