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How to Get HOT Cubs Spring Training Tickets – at Reasonable Prices!

The Chicago Cubs set Cactus League attendance records in 2017, and due to their popularity, tickets are expected to become continuingly sparse. Tons of Cubs fans have transplanted out west and take advantage of spring training. Fans from Chicago make the pilgrimage to sunny Arizona to escape the chill of the city and celebrate the incoming baseball season. People love grabbing inexpensive Cubs Spring Training tickets and being in the sun in February or March. In year’s past, this has always been a rather inexpensive spring trip.

Well as I mentioned in a previous post on Cubs Spring Training tickets, it appears the organization selling 2018 tickets at a premium.

Getting tickets on gameday certainly is a way to get your tix, but man would that be worrisome for someone who traveled cross country. Imagine spending $400 on a flight to Arizona, another $400-$1,500 on hotels (depending on where and how long), and not having tickets lined up!?

Well, I am here to tell you that there are plenty of ways to lock down your tickets, at a reasonable price, before you make that trek. Here are a couple of places to be on the lookout, or to start grabbing up, your Cubs Spring Training tickets.


The first, and they have NEVER failed me, is – StubHub! Yes, good old reliable, StubHub. Just browsing Cubs Spring Training tickets on StubHub I am finding seats from under $20 up to $78 bucks (starting prices). I highly recommend their service. You might be able to find tickets cheaper somewhere else, but if you have issues purchasing tickets on the secondary market – StubHub is the best at working with you.

Also, if you weren’t able to score Foo Fighters tickets at Wrigley Field – StubHub has them starting at $74 a seat!


The next is SeatGeek. Now, I have never used SeatGeek personally, but I have heard good things – and they advertise like crazy, so there’s that. Searching Cubs Spring Training tickets on SeatGeek they also have very reasonable tickets available, starting in the $21-$22 range (lawn) and running up to the $80 range. Again, these are starting prices. So as you drill down for better seats or more attractive opponents, the prices will certainly reflect those changes.


Lastly, and this might be the most derp suggestion… the Cubs. The Cubs website still has plenty of tickets available, and you can get them a ton of tickets at very reasonable prices. The Cubs website is going to be your most secure and hassle-free shopping experience as well. The only thing with the Cubs is – eventually the tickets will be all sold out.

Also, check out the other Arizona, Cactus League teams. You may run into isuues getting Cubs tickets, or ticket prices get priced out of your range. Check out some of the neighboring teams and buy tickets for when the Cubs visit them. Also, there is so much baseball going on within a small radius. Catch a bunch of Cubs games, sure, but run around to the other teams and catch day baseball throughout Arizona for insane prices. Here is a list of the other Cactus league teams, and their rep:

I know a lot of people like to complain about ticket prices and ticket availability, but I have found that those people tend to be the last ones to search for tickets online. If you found this article valuable at all, please share it with your friends, it is greatly appreciated.

Here are a couple of pictures from past Cubs Spring Trainings.

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