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Indians Fan Wrote Open Letter to Cubs, their Fans

I remember late October, early November very, very well. It was the most exciting, nerve racking, emotional time I’ve ever had as a fan – and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I made the travel to Cleveland to hopefully watch the Chicago Cubs extend the series to a decisive game seven. I went to Cleveland expecting to be hated on, and likewise hate back (in good nature of course).

The thing is, I couldn’t hate, or dislike, or wish bad will on anyone in Cleveland. Including the Indians. And I wanted to, oh how I wanted to.

The players. I wanted to dislike Corey Kluber, but the guy is a beast. Francisco Lindor??? I mean… come on! Andrew Miller was a sight to see. Then Tito, Terry Francona? How can anyone dislike that guy?

Driving to Cleveland was so much different than arriving in Cleveland. The drive was littered with fellow Cubs fans with window flags and Cubs hats and window paint. Arriving in Cleveland was a bit scary. Were fans going to be nasty, throw stuff at us, try to start fights?

No. The people were freaking awesome. One of my first interactions was with a pair of Cleveland police officers who, while in the middle of arresting someone of presumably shoplifting, stopped to point us in the wrong direction of the stadium. Others joked just the same, all with good spirits. Even those around us in the stadium were great guys and gals.

When the Cubs scored in the first inning, with a two out rally, I was happy, but couldn’t help but notice how 65% of the stadium was fearing the worst.

After the game we hit up some bars, and even in their drunken stupors, the Cleveland fans were awesome.

That is why I loved this letter so much from Reddit user Indians34521.

Sure it might be easier to get over things after your team has won 21 consecutive games, but I get it. I get everything he says. I understand how it would taste to be that close. I understand how you might be able to feel, but not at the same time.

I say kudos to you, and like I say to any Indians fan I meet now, if the Cubs don’t win the World Series in 2017, I want the Indians to do it. Finally.

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