No More Tacos at Wrigley

We had to realize with all of the renovations taking place in and around Wrigley Field, the neighborhood itself would eventually see a facelift. That is exactly what is happening in the most recent plans sent to the city for approval. The popular Taco Bell property across from Wrigley is apparently going to get the…

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How a Waiver Trade Works

The July 31st trade deadline has come and gone, but that doesn't mean the trading is over. How is that possible? Why was there such a big deal about the trade deadline then? Well, that is what I will cover today. The trade deadline, or officially, the "non-waiver deadline" is the period in which teams…

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Cubs Verlander Trade

The buzz around the Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers ace, Justin Verlander heated up last night. It all apparently started with a tweet and report from MLB Network's Jon Morosi. This report set off Cubs Twitter with a flurry of tweets, and every Cubs scribe writing about it. The biggest question is,…

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