Possible Explanation for the Lester Bosio Blow-Up

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When Jon Lester left Thursday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds, he abruptly turned and had some words with pitching coach Chris Bosio. Cubs fans have all speculated as to what those words may have been, and some reporters had asked Joe Maddon about the details. Here is the confrontation.

You can see Lester saying something to Bosio, and Chris responding back almost confused. There is even a confused look on hitting coach John Mallee’s face.

Joe Maddon was asked if this had something to do with the Cubs defense during the game, which he didn’t exactly dismiss, but did say it was highly doubtful since most of the hits were bloops that no one would catch. Then, just this afternoon, on AM-670 The Score’s Spiegel and Parkins Show, Matt Spiegel mentioned an idea. This is one that I had as well, but he actually had a source semi confirm it.

Spiegel asked some of his Cubs guys/gals if it was possible that Chris Bosio asked Lester to pitch through some arm discomfort. One of his sources came back saying that he wouldn’t confirm it, but would bet the house that this was the case.

This is the immediate thought I had on this situation. Lester is a gamer, and he has a serious tone between the lines, but he is also very professional and wouldn’t call out a coach or teammate for defense or a bad play. That led me to think he mentioned something about his shoulder not feeling right, and Bosio most likely asked if he can pitch through it.

From there I can see Lester coming back into the dugout and saying something to Bosio along the lines of, “see, my shoulder could be damaged because you asked me to pitch through this.”

It is speculation, and until it is confirmed (which most likely never will be) it will just be a theory. Please treat this as such.

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