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Jake Arrieta is about to turn his incredible 22-6 with a 1.77 ERA and 0.86 WHIP Season into a huge financial gain reports Bruce Levine of CBS Chicago.

While in Boca Raton, Florida for the GM meetings, Levine had the opportunity to talk to Jake’s agent, Scott Boras.

“Most pitchers are free agents when they are 30,” Boras said. “He will be 32, so that is not that big of a difference. Jake has had a track like (Max) Scherzer. He had a Cy Young kind of year in his fourth season. A lot of people in baseball knew Jake Arrieta has special skills. It’s nice to see him put it all together.”

Bruce went on to mention that he has known Scott for 30 years, and he has never been so wishy-washy about a big-time pitcher that was nearing possible free agency. Bruce believes that it is because Arrieta is set on signing a long term deal this offseason with the Cubs and not testing free agency.


Scott Boras wants all of his clients to hit free agency, after all that is where he, and his clients, are going to make the most money.

Don’t feel bad for Jake, he’s going to be paid very, very well. It will seemingly take a deal in the $20 million plus range over 5 or 6 seasons for Jake to agree to give up his free agency opportunity, but this is a safer route for Arrieta then betting on himself like Max Scherzer did. Jake, although extremely capable to continue to be one of the most dominate pitchers in the league, ensures he can cash in on what should be a Cy Young award winning season.

The Cubs luck out because they can retain one of baseball’s best pitchers for less than market value, and they avoid going to arbitration with the right-hander. While arbitration calculators project Arrieta’s 2016 salary in the $15 million range, the process itself is cruel to the player as the Cubs would list all the reasons he isn’t worth that much in the arbitration hearing. This process could create resentment, which could cause Arrieta to want to test free agency.

Expect news of a deal to be released after the Cy Young awards have been announced.



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