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Mulling Over the Cubs Free Agent Targets

Ok, so if the Chicago Cubs shouldn’t sign Jake Arrieta, what should they do to fill the backend of the rotation?  There are numerous free agents they could sign (Yu Darvish, Alex Cobb, Lance Lynn, Tyler Chatwood, CC Sabathia, Jaime Garcia, Jason Vargas, Jhoulys Chacin, Jeremy Hellickson, and Doug Fister) at various price points. Frankly,…

The White Sox need to respond to Royals/Tigers

What are the White Sox doing? Currently, they're doing nothing. Last week, I discussed why Dexter Fowler would make sense for the team on the South Side. In short, placing him in right field and moving Avi Garcia to the bench increases the offensive output from the position and the defense improves dramatically. (more…)