For the Cubs, Ball is in Yu’s Court

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According to Carrie Muskat, the Chicago Cubs have an offer on the table to Yu Darvish, and the ball is in his court.

Wednesday I published a piece which you may have missed (I believe it to be really freaking good) that discusses the pros and cons of Jake Arrieta and Darvish. In researching for that piece I was swayed to the Darvish camp. It’s exciting to hear, “the ball is in his court,” cause it tells me we are close to having definitive news. This is exciting, well, with the pace of this offseason, it is about as exciting as finally seeing the paint dry.

With the Milwaukee Brewers trading for Christian Yelich and then signing Lorenzo Cain, some Cubs fans want the team to ramp up their efforts. I would caution that reactionary moves isn’t a smart business to be involved in. But I do think the Cubs have identified Yu as their man, so duo what you need to get him, without blowing up the future.