Yu Darvish’s Preference was Just Slipped on Twitter

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Yu Darvish absolutely loves Texas, and it is now clear that he wants to rejoin the Rangers. At least per Craig LaBlanc, Yu’s trainer.

Darvish has a very Close group of friends in Texas. Not only that is entire family loves the community and where they live. Now this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t except an offer somewhere else, but his preference, per Craig, definitely is to stay in Texas and play for the Rangers.

I took screenshots of the conversation just in case they were eventually taken down. It may or may not be Craigs place to talk on the subject and may eventually delete his response.

Again, this may or may not be news. But all things being equal, I’d put money on him returning to Texas. Of course if the Rangers don’t come to the table with an offer, any of the five or six teams involved would love to have him.