Interesting Facts on Jose Quintana You Should Know

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Some aren’t convinced just yet on Chicago Cubs starter Jose Quintana. I would argue that you should, and others are just never happy pouty pants. Regardless, here are some interesting facts about the Cubs young stud.

The Cubs score for him

This is what traditionally hurt Q on the Southside. In his run with the Chicago White Sox, he experienced 65 no-decisions. That is a huge number and it’s accountable to his subpar record.

That isn’t the case on the Northside. The Cubs have averaged 6.5 runs a game for him. He can limit some scoring by being more in control, but he’s putting the team in a position to win and the offense has responded.

He’s the first ever

Of course there hasn’t been a lot of deals between the Cubs and White Sox, but this is a surprise. In the past 70 years the two teams have only completed 27 trades. Of those, only 15 actually included player-for-player swaps, and the remaining 12 were cash buyouts.

There hasn’t been many deals of note between the teams either. Of course the Cubs stole Sammy Sosa when they sent George Bell to the White Sox, but Sammy was a virtual no one which there wasn’t many who would vouch for.

No one wanted him

He was let go by the New York Mets, who signed him as an International Free Agent. After playing the 2006 season for the Venezuelan Summer League (VSL) Mets, he was suspended for violating the leagues substance abuse rules. He was then picked up by the New York Yankees. After bouncing around the Dominican Summer Leagues and low level Yankees Minor Leagues, Quintana was rejected a roster spot after posting a 10-2 record with a 2.91 ERA for the Tampa Yankees.

That is when the White Sox pounced, and got one of baseball’s most underrated pitchers in the process.

Hope you liked the quick facts on the Cubs southpaw starter, Jose Quintana!

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