Cause this has Ever Worked Before… Let’s Stick it to the Brewers!!!

When will teams learn? Chicago fans not only just travel well, we are everywhere. We live in Columbus, we live in St. Louis, we live in Arizona, we live in Cleveland, we live in Fort Lauderdale, and yes Brewers – we live in Milwaukee.

The continued attack on Chicago fans, whether Blackhawks, Bears, or Cubs – is just dumb. I mean, you are an independent organization and are free to conduct your business as you see fit – but you’re just cutting off a revenue stream. Oh, and we’ll just buy them from your fans, HA!

Here is the chance to really stick it to the Brewers! There are tons of tickets available for when the Cubs visit Milwaukee already posted on StubHub (which keep checking StubHub to get Cubs tickets in Milwaukee or anywhere else they start at $28 a seat).

Let’s flood the secondary markets and buy up all of these presale seats that are out there. Let’s load Miller Park with Cubbie Blue this summer and stick it to the Brewers.

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