Cubs are Calling All the Bluffs

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Why bid against yourself? That’s the thought among the Chicago Cubs executives.

There are very strong indications that the Cubs are in the driver’s seat in both the Yu Darvish and Alex Cobb conversations. There are several others that still believe the Cubs are the most likely landing spot for Jake Arrieta.

I don’t think I have to tell you how peculiar this offseason has been. I mean, the top five guys basically had their contracts written before winter started. But for one reason or another, the winter went sideways. But whatever that reason, almost every top free agent is still searching for a new home.

There is a sense, both reported and hearsay, that the Cubs have the best offers on the table for Yu. Some fans think Yu doesn’t want to play in Chicago due to the games he’s playing. But, truthfully speaking, his team is just trying to create leverage to draw a bigger offer.

Thing is, the Cubs aren’t buying it. They know they have the top offer (in terms of dollars and cents) so why increase their position.

When the Cubs and Alex Cobb were in hot conversations, his team started to cite other teams being involved. So the Cubs started looking to other options.

It seems like Jake Arrieta and Scott Boras are the only ones not playing games – but it also seems like they haven’t come off their early expectations. The Cubs continuously check in but walk away.

It seems like every hand these guys play, the Cubs call that bluff.

Even though there is frustration, as well as some growing disinterest, Cubs fans should be confident that the team will add one of those three. It would be disappointing if the Cubs hadn’t signed anyone by this time in most years, but the pitching inventory remains virtually unchanged from November 2nd until today.

With nothing else changing, why should the Cubs change their offers? They shouldn’t and they won’t. Regardless, they’ll have one of Darvish, Arrieta, or Cobb in 2018.

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