A Darvish Top Choice Gets Out of Yu Sweepstakes

I mentioned in an article yesterday that Yu Darvish and his team is blowing smoke in an attempt to get a richer deal done. Well, today we find out one of Yu’s preferred landing spots is likely out. Which, not to toot my own horn, lends some credence to that message (read it here).

That is Jon Daniels, the GM of the Texas Rangers. We have heard all offseason, heck since Yu was traded, that he could return to Texas. He has his home there, both of his children were born in Arlington (or nearby), and his family has really meshed into the fabric of the community in Texas. He has recently stated that his family might stay in Texas if he signed elsewhere.

It sounds like Daniels is saying they are moving on and Darvish should as well.

Also interesting, the Rangers were a rumored spot for Jake Arrieta. He too has a home in Texas, and many thought the Rangers would be a fantastic fit for the right-hander. This should eliminate Texas as a landing spot for him, and Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn. They still may offer something to Andrew Cashner, or another pitcher at that level.

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