Hotel Zachary is Amazing – Take a Look at the New Wrigleyville Hotel

There have been a ton of fans waiting to see what the Hotel Zachary, Wrigleyville’s newest neighborhood attraction, will look like. Opening in April of this year, Hotel Zachary borrowed its style from its neighbor, Wrigley Field. Rightfully so too, Hotel Zachary is inspired by Wrigley Field’s architect, Zachary Taylor Davis.

WLS-ABC 7 was granted early access to the hotel, and this is absolutely gorgeous.

The Hotel Zachary features 153 standard guest rooms and 20 suites and will feature street-level retail shopping imagined to include boutique stores and restaurants. But that isn’t the coolest part – not by a long shot.

Decorating each guest room is a framed replica of Davis’ original Wrigley Field blueprint and the TV stand/dresser are custom-designed to resemble one Davis would have used to store his blueprints. The hotel also has subtle baseball decor and the overall design pays homage to Davis and Wrigley Field but doesn’t overdo it with baseball decor.

“Our customers are not just Cubs fans,” said Eric Nordness, vice president of Hickory Street Capital, the real estate development group behind the project. Like the Cubs, Hickory Street is owned by the Ricketts family.

“There are 81 home games, plus playoffs, but we need to be (open) 365 days a year,” Nordness said.

Located at 3630 N. Clark Street (across the street from Wrigley Field), Hotel Zachary will begin to accept reservations later this month on their website. Outside of accommodations, shopping, and eateries, the hotel has two conference rooms for business or special events. The Alma Room appears to be the smaller of the two and can be reserved for private events. The state-of-the-art American Airlines Conference Center is for larger conferences, shows, and receptions.

Imagine having your wedding reception with beautiful Wrigley Field in the backdrop!!!

The Hotel Zachary will also have a rooftop gathering area and features amazing restaurants. One such restaurant will be Big Star Wrigleyville, and will feature TWO STORIES OF TACOS! The Hotel Zachary will also have a West Town Bakery ran by the Fifty/50 Group, and Folkart will launch a two-story restaurant and cocktail bar similar to the group’s Billy Sunday in Logan Square.

Hotel Zachary’s website also displays these delicious restaurants.

Mordecai – named after Three-Finger Mordecai Brown, is a two-story cocktail bar which plans on opening by April 8th.
Smoke Daddy – a 300-seat barbeque restaurant made famous by the Wicker Park location which has been featured on several Food Network Spots.
Starbucks Reserve – offers the rarest coffee blends, the newest specialty drinks, and only the best grounds found across the world.
McDonalds – everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure.

This is very exciting and intriguing, and this Cubs fan can’t wait to see the hotel for himself.

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2 comments on “Hotel Zachary is Amazing – Take a Look at the New Wrigleyville Hotel

  1. Bill Robbins

    I’m afraid to ask how much this place costs per night for a guest room, but it can’t be inexpensive and probably has to be booked a min. of two nights per stay/ I like Big Star being there, as a friend has told me that the el pastor tacos are terrific. Do you know if parking is it included with the room?

    1. Jamie Baker Post author

      That’s a question for sure. You would imagine there is a parking garage incorporated in the building cause lord knows there’s little parking available outside. I’d have to imagine it is included in the room rates.

      As far as costs, I’d expect to pay a premium during the season. Probably $300+ and it will probably settle around $175/night in the offseason.


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